We are delighted to be partners with SportsAid to support Britain’s next generation of sports stars. This is our second year of involvement and we aim to make this a long-term relationship.

We recognise that young athletes and their families devote many hours and £s each week to their sport, and that their devotion takes place alongside full-time education, as well as full-time work for their parents and guardians.

We hope that our financial support, through SportsAid, will help propel them to the next level in their ambition to become international athletes. We’ve found that our support helps provide our athletes to buy new and better training kit, fund extra coaching support and gives them the ability to attend bigger and better international events, and we’re proud to be associated with each of them.

Our 2017 athletes
Elliot Clogg

Sport: Swimming
Age: 17
From: Mansfield
Key achievement: Gold and new English 16-years age-group record, 100 metres freestyle Under-18s, British Summer Championships, July 2016

Barclay Izzard

Sport: Triathlon
Age: 18
From: Derby
Key Achievement: Champion, British Triathlon Super Series, 2016

Emma McBride

Sport: Disability Athletics
Age: 18
From: Liverpool
Key Achievement: Gold, 100 metres and 200 metres, CAU Inter-County Athletics, July 2016

Alex Pattison

Sport: Boxing
Age: 17
From: Liverpool
Key Achievement: Gold, Monkstown International Cup, July 2016

Scarlett Williams

Sport: Gymnastics
Age: 13
From: Derby
Key Achievement: Silver, Women’s Artistic Team, Olympic Hopes Cup, November 2016

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See our 2016 athletes


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