First & Fast Library

The Six Speed Drivers
How well does your business rate on each of these six dimensions?

The Cultural Danger Zone
Is your organisation in or near the danger zone?

Richard Baker’s Executive Memo
Is your leadership team clear on the values and behaviours that you expect?

The Simplicity Test
How well has your organisation removed unnecessary complexity?

Fast-Paced Decision Making
Which of these three factors are evident in your company?

The Strategy Arrow
Can you clearly state your strategy using these four headings?

The Strategic Growth Curve
When do you decide to invest in your next phase of growth?

The Six-Day Strategy
How quickly and effectively can you develop a compelling growth strategy?

The Innovation Gap
What are your internal barriers to rapid, effective innovation?

Planning-Led vs. Action-Led Implementation
Which of these approaches does your organisation usually follow?

Planning vs. Performance
Is your organisation planning-driven or performance-driven?

When To Listen To Different Customers
What roles do your customers play in driving your future growth?


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