Business Rocks - Volume 2Business Rocks – Volume 2

Why are so many business books so big? Don’t the writers know that successful, busy executives simply don’t have the time to read these tomes?

What’s more, at the heart of every thriving business I know are people with a great deal of common sense. And common sense doesn’t need too much explanation. You pretty much ‘get it’ straight away.

These two insights were the foundation for my Five-Minute Friday Focus emails. First, I know you’re busy and that your time is precious, and second, I realise that most good business ideas can be captured in just a few words.

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Business RocksBusiness Rocks – Volume 1

I know that you don’t have time for long-winded and academic articles – you want bite-sized nuggets of insight that they can use immediately. Business Rocks highlights the best of my weekly newsletter, Stuart’s Five-Minute Friday Focus. The e-book contains 25 provocative and practical insights and ideas that you can use with your team to improve the performance of your business today. Please download, read, enjoy and act!

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The Strategic CEOThe Strategic CEO

15 Powerful Lessons For Business Leaders To Develop And Deliver High-Impact Strategies

By Stuart Cross (Lillywhites Research Press, 2010, 43 pages)

This handbook takes the mystery out of strategy, giving you pragmatic yet provocative advice to drive the long-term performance of your business. It provides examples and case studies from across the globe –on both the small and grand scale – as to how high value strategies can be anticipated, developed and exploited. Includes sections on how to lead strategy, managing short and long-term tensions, why nothing fails like success and how to select from the 5 types of competitive strategy.

“Stuart writes clearly, intelligently and succinctly. Above all, his approach to strategy is about making things happen. I find his lessons both provocative and practical.”

David Stead
Dunelm Group plc
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Six of The Best

Download a hand-picked selection of Stuart’s best six articles of the previous six months, all of which are focused on you accelerating the performance of your business. Comprising the best bits from Stuart’s newsletter, blog and published articles, Six Of The Best will give you new provocative ideas and practical tools to move your business forward.

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