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The e-zines of Morgan Cross are truly a pleasure to read. I recommend everyone who is ambitious to get great results, and wants clever approaches of how to manage your business, to sign up now. You will be delighted and learn every time you read one, and it will also make you smile!

Marjan Hoodendijk
Kwaliteit Consulting

“I find the Great Results e-zine a thought provoking interjection in what can all too often be a ‘heads-down-and-get-on-with-it’ life at work. The messages contained within it make me reflect and pause, and sometimes make me smile, as I identify with the parallels within it. The topics vary so I am always tempted to open the message – much more so than other similar sites. Keep them coming!”

Joanne Millington
Head of Store Development
Boots the Chemists

“Great Results works for me because of the useful scenarios and business analogies featured each time. They’re relevant, easy to relate to and readily transferable to every day situations.”

Clive Haywood
Managing Director
CHC Limited

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Past Newsletters


January – Three Critical Strategy Lessons
February – How Losing Control Can Improve Results
March – Next Time I’m Backing The Hare!
April – How To Link Strategy and Execution
May – Do You Pass The Pace Test?
June – Does Your Business Suffer From Perfection Addiction?
July – Strategy Ain’t What It Used To Be
October – The 7 Habits Of Highly Strategic Leaders
December – 5 Reasons Your Business Must Be Faster


February – Why Strategy Retreats Don’t Work
March – The Growth Opportunities Hidden Under Your Nose (Part 1)
April – The Growth Opportunities Hidden Under Your Nose (Part 2)
May – Kick Starting New Projects
June – How To Implement Your Strategy And Accelerate Growth
July – How To Overcome The “Day Job” Problem
September – When Should You Change Your Customer Strategy
November – 10 Ways To Accelerate Your Growth Strategy
December – How Are You Leading For Growth?


January – Best Practice Lessons From The Last 12 Months
February – Don’t Let Analysis Kill Your Creativity
March – The New Rules of Strategy
April – 7 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Speed And Agility
May – Don’t Be Balanced, Be Focused
June – Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be
July-Aug – Strategy and The CEO: Interview with Dennis Sadlowski, Siemens
Sept – The Strategy Arrow
Oct – We’re Not Happy Till You’re Not Happy
Nov – How To Make Partnerships Succeed


January – My Proposal To Increase Proactiveness
February – Top 10 Strategy Pitfalls
March – Leading Successful Strategy Off-Sites

April – Fresh Eyes: The #1 Way To Drive New Growth
May – How To Face Into Your Biggest Issues
June – So, You Think You’re World Class?
July – What David Cameron Must Learn About Leading Change
September – Good To Great To Cliché
October – 8 Best Practices To Plan Ahead In Turbulent Times
Nov/Dec – 7 Turbulence-Proof Growth Opportunities For 2011


January – What
Business Leaders Can Learn From Charles Darwin

February – Why Innovation Efforts Fail
March – How To Run Effective Strategy Retreats
April – Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Growth
May – Why executives try to do too much
June – Is Your Strategy Lost In Translation?
July – Do You Pass The Simplicity Test?
August – Overcoming Your Internal Barriers To Growth
September – Are You Ready For The Upturn?
October – Is It Time To Redefine Your Market?
November – Don’t Ask Customers, Observe Them
December – Go On, Pick A Card: Choosing Your Strategic Focus


September – Rejuvenating
our central support teams

October – Does your strategy help you take action?
November – Reducing control to increase success
December – The power of milestones’ management


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