Stuart’s Videos

Don’t be balanced, be focused

So are you really world class?

Growth in turbulent times

Modern Man Unmasked

Perfect Pitch

Using fresh eyes to drive new growth

Innovation – Steal don’t imitate

Focus your innovation on what won’t change

Top 5 Strategy Pitfalls

Fixed on the vision…Flexible on the journey

How Good Are You at Failing?

Play on your own pitch…not at Old Trafford

Communicating Your Strategy to the Power of 6000

8 Characteristics of Great Strategic Leaders

Nothing Fails like Success

Don’t Let Planning Kill Strategy

The Top 10 Innovation Killers

Ground Level Strategy

What is the point of your business?

Why now is the perfect time to invest in growth

Turn the dishwasher on

Developing Great Effective Strategy

Creating Great Results

Don’t be balanced, be focused


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