Coaching Services

Stuart Cross helps high-performing CEO’s, senior executives and managers, and business owners achieve even greater results. Working to specific, measurable objectives, the coaching assignment can help you achieve:

  • More effective strategy management
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved time management, self-discipline, prioritisation and delegation
  • Greater presentation, communication and relationship management skills
  • Effective team and talent development.
“Stuart has that rare ability to hold Executives’ feet to the fire on key issues without provoking everyone to throw their toys out of the pram.”

Simon Potts
Director of Business Development
Boots the Chemists

A typical coaching programme takes 2-6 months and each assignment is individually designed to enhance your strengths, improve your skills and behaviours, and deliver fast, sustainable results.

Our clients are typically successful leaders who want to help themselves and their organisations achieve even more. They have the confidence to build mutual trust and respect, the ability to give and take constructive feedback and a desire for self-improvement.

“At ?WhatIf! it’s usually us that gets hired to ask the smart questions and think strategically. When we worked with Stuart he was the one asking the brilliant questions. Even our smartest client deferred to his sense of wisdom. A class act!”

Graham Bishop
Founder of the Customer Experience Team
?WhatIf! The Innovation Company

To find out more about these programmes contact Stuart by clicking here or call +44(0)1636-526111.

Stuart Cross’s Private Roster™ Mentor Programme

In conjunction with Alan Weiss, consulting guru and creator of the Million Dollar Consulting® programme, Stuart now provides mentor services to independent entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers and trainers. Click here for more details.


To find out more contact Stuart by clicking here or call +44-(0)1636-526111.