The CEOs Strategy Handbook

First & Fast: Outpace Your Competitors,
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Create the fast-paced, agile organisation you’ve always wanted to lead!

First & Fast provides powerful strategies and tools to accelerate your company’s ability to change, innovate and grow – year after year

“First & Fast is a testament to Stuart Cross’s deep understanding of what business leaders need to do ensure their companies grow and thrive. I have known and worked with Stuart for over a decade and he has always helped me to think and act differently. The principles in First & Fast will help you to act differently to accelerate the growth of your business.”

Alex Gourlay
President and CEO,
Walgreens Inc.

For the past 30 years, business leaders have been exhorted to move faster and adopt a “ready, fire, aim” approach to the growth of their business. As the level of change and turbulence increases in all markets, all organizations must adapt—quickly!—or risk decline and decay.

But what are the real behaviors, processes, and techniques that are critical to lead your organization at pace without creating confusion, frustration, and unnecessary risk?

First and Fast provides powerful strategies and pragmatic tools to enable you to increase the pace of your business and accelerate growth year after year.



The CEOs Strategy Handbook

The CEO’s Strategy Handbook

How to create, sustain, and accelerate profitable growth

The term ‘strategy’ has, with the help of consultants and academics, developed a mystique that makes it sound difficult, complicated and only for people with an IQ greater than 150. In The CEO’s Strategy Handbook I smash through this misconception, and show Chief Executive Officers that strategy is a critical element in improving the performance of their business and is a straightforward – and even enjoyable – process that they can feel confident in mastering.

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“If you really want to get some breakthrough thinking into your business then Stuart’s the guy to contact.”

Simon McCandlish
Commercial Director
Boots the Chemists


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