Key to business start up success

Key to business start up success

The beginning of a year sees many would-be entrepreneurs starting up new business ventures.  With the government cuts and many companies reducing their work force there are lots of individuals who are about to take the plunge and set up on their own.

Stuart Cross did just that four years ago.  His business, Morgan Cross Consulting, is now a resounding success.  Stuart would like to share the secrets of this success with your readers. The principles are valid for both fledgling companies and more established businesses striving for growth.

Newark based Morgan Cross Consulting was established in 2006 with the ambition of helping companies to grow and prosper.  Stuart’s client portfolio contains many blue chip companies and household names including Alliance Boots, Avon Cosmetics, Dunelm Mill and Johnsons the Cleaners.

Setting up on your own is a time of great excitement tempered with a dose of trepidation.  It is very reassuring to hear of success stories like Stuart’s.  Learning from the experience of someone else can help you to get a head start.

Here are the secrets of Stuart Cross’s success:-

  1. It’s all about relationships. It’s not companies that buy from you, it’s individuals. You must develop strong, lasting relationships based on mutual trust.
  2. Do your research. Get to know the businesses you want to work with and identify some potential opportunities. Not everyone wants to hear about your business, but they all want to know about how their businesses could be better off.
  3. Use your network. Everyone’s networks are better than we think. The 6 degrees of separation really works.
  4. Referrals are golden. If you can get a referral from a satisfied customer into another potential buyer, the level of resistance to your call is dramatically reduced and it is much easier to develop a relationship.
  5. Know your value. Do you understand what you really bring to the party and how you add value to your clients, and can you demonstrate that to new and potential buyers?

Up until recently I have focused solely on working with larger corporate clients, helping them to develop and deliver powerful strategies for dramatic growth.  I will continue to work with these large, market-leading organisations, but am now also helping smaller businesses and their entrepreneurial owners to grow and succeed.” explains Stuart Cross.


To find out more contact Stuart by clicking here or call +44-(0)1636-526111.