Stuart speaks to the Nottingham Executive MBA class

February 3 2009

On 23 February Stuart will be speaking to the Nottingham University Executive MBA class on Strategy Consulting. His talk will focus on how a small, boutique consulting firm can compete effectively with the major players, such as McKinsey. In his talk Stuart will make the following key points:

Consulting is a relationship business: you need to create gravitational attraction so that clients come to you;

It’s a big playing field: there is plenty of room for boutique houses and major players;

There are significant benefits to corporations from working with smaller consulting organisations.

Programme Director, Professor Keith Harrison, said of Stuart’s previous visit: “Stuart, your combination of intellectual wisdom and common sense business savvy struck exactly the right note. It was a resounding success.


To find out more contact Stuart by clicking here or call +44-(0)1636-526111.