Creating a Breakthrough Company: Stuart speaks at Jupiter

June 3, 2009

There are still opportunities for profitable growth in today’s economy. That was the conclusion from Stuart’s session with managers and executives from across the East Midlands, hosted by Jupiter Design yesterday.

The session contained insights, advice and examples which were powerful and highly relevant to today’s economic climate, from how innovation can be used at the heart of an organisation, to when to persevere with a new growth initiative and when it’s time to boldly change course.

“All the evidence shows that those companies that continue to invest in growth during a downturn reap the rewards as the economy recovers,” said Stuart. “And, as the cost of investment, say advertising, tends to fall in a recession you also get a better return for your money. It’s no surprise that many of the world’s most successful businesses, such as Procter & Gamble, Tesco and Novartis are all continuing to invest for growth and these opportunities are available to all companies willing to innovate.”

“Stuart’s energetic and compelling approach was packed full of big insights, presented in an instantly graspable way,” said Jayne Mayled, the Managing Director of Jupiter Design and host of the event. “Stuart has that rare combination in consultancy and speaking: real intelligence, deep experience and a light touch in bringing concepts to life”


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