Transformation Programs Fail To Transform

According to a recent study, over 60% of corporate transformation programs fail to achieve their goals. A new approach is required to overcome this huge waste of financial resources and human effort, according to a new white paper by Morgan Cross Consulting called Small Steps, Giant Leaps. The paper sets out five management principles for organizations to pursue and accelerate the delivery of their most important strategic goals.

Stuart Cross, President of Morgan Cross Consulting and the author of the paper, said, “There are three structural reasons why transformation programs don’t work. First they are process-led, not results-led; second they take too long; and third they cost too much. The five principles set out in our paper will help business leaders embed a new approach that is better, faster and cheaper than traditional top-down programs.”

Cross believes that greater focus and clearer goals are at the heart of rapid, effective implementation. As an example, he sets out how, several years ago, UK retailer, Boots the Chemists, overcame a long-standing issue of product availability. “For three months,” Cross explains, “the management team put everything else to one side and focused exclusively on this issue, ensuring that the availability of key products in their stores was significantly improved, which not only grew sales but made customers – and their staff – more satisfied. This improvement then allowed the retailer to add further improvements to their offer and operations and gave the organization the confidence that they could deliver new growth.”

“Other organizations can follow this example,” says Cross. “Too many businesses are failing to effectively prioritize, set clear performance goals and provide the freedom for managers and front-line teams to deliver. The principles set out in Small Steps, Giant Leaps will help organizations overcome these issues and help them to accelerate the delivery of their most important objectives.”

About Morgan Cross Consulting

Morgan Cross Consulting helps some of the world’s top companies to dramatically accelerate growth. Its clients include Alliance Boots, GlaxoSmithKline, Sealed Air Inc, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wm Morrison Supermarkets and Aimia.

About Stuart Cross

Stuart Cross is the owner and President of Morgan Cross Consulting. His first book, The CEO’s Strategy Handbook, was published by Global Professional Publishing in 2011, and his second book, Ten Steps Ahead: Outpace Your Competitors, Lead Your Markets and Accelerate Growth, will be published in early 2014.  Prior to launching his consulting business, Stuart previously led the strategy team at Boots the Chemists, the UK’s leading pharmacy and health beauty retailer.


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