The 6-Day Strategy

Why spend 6 months developing a 1-year plan?

With the pace of change in today’s twenty-first century business markets, driven by technological innovation and globalisation, long-term plans last about as long as an ice-storm in the desert. Yet, many executive teams remain stuck in labourious, lengthy and ultimately fruitless twentieth-century approaches to strategy development.

A new mindset and a new approach is needed to create a compelling strategy at pace. But it can be done. The 6-Day Strategy helps your business to build momentum, drive performance and accelerate growth.

Don’t spend 6 months developing a 1-year plan; invest 6 days creating the future success of your business.

How you will benefit

  1. Focus, Direction and Ambition. The 6-Day Strategy will generate the passion, energy and alignment in across your business by creating a laser-like focus on the future success of your organisation, establishing a clear and compelling direction and raising the bar on performance and your definition of success.
  2. Strategic Advantage. Instead of playing to the rules set by your competitors, you will focus your efforts on building and exploiting your own organisation’s advantages, enabling you to focus your innovation where you can win.
  3. Accelerated Growth. As a result of The 6-Day Strategy, you will identify your key priorities for growth, allowing you to channel your resources and talent where you can have most impact for your customers and your business. You will also determine how you can rapidly deliver on those priorities and accelerating your growth.
  4. Executive Leadership Transformation. The dedicated involvement of your top team will transform the leadership capabilities of your top team. By fully understanding and owning the “Why?” of your strategy and by creating the future blueprint for company’s success your top team will be able to communicate, engage and lead your organisation with greater collective confidence, commitment and clarity.
  5. Rapid Results. The 6-Day Strategy not only focuses on how you will succeed in the future; you will also translate those future drivers of success into ways that you can deliver immediate gains and rapidly grow profits and performance.

Organising For Success

There are five fundamental elements of The 6-Day Strategy that help ensure success:

  • Executive involvement and leadership. You will be doing your own blocking and tackling so that you fully understand and own the strategy. In that sense, there are no short cuts. This means that you must be willing to dedicate the time together and fully contribute to the discussions and decision-making.
  • Future focus. You will need to think big, consider new alternatives, and focus on the future for your customers and your business. Don’t get stuck in today’s distractions; spend this critical time developing your future possibilities.
  • Preparation and support. We will work with you to create robust factbases, discussion inputs and help all the players prepare for the sessions. We will also ensure that there is a support team to help you answer the questions that will be raised as you proceed.
  • Structure and facilitation. We will design, lead and facilitate the sessions so you can focus on where you can add most value: addressing the issues and ideas that will drive your future success. As every organisation is different, so too is every 6-Day Strategy structure, but we will follow this outline approach:
    • Day 1: Our Current Position. You will define the key issues and opportunities facing the business over the next 1-3 years.
    • Day 2: Future Possibilities. You will identify specific growth options over the next 3 years and beyond.
    • Day 3: Setting The Direction. You will define your core strategic direction, including key goals, sources of advantage and the outline scope of your business.
    • Day 4: Defining The Organisation. You will clarify the key organisational capabilities required for success, identify talent gaps, and how you will involve your people.
    • Day 5: Shaping The Agenda. You will determine the priorities for executive focus, together with underlying goals, objectives and milestones.
    • Day 6: Preparing For Launch. You will establish how you will lead and manage the execution of the strategy, agreeing accountabilities, identifying and addressing key risks and clarifying key initial steps.
  • Maintaining The Momentum. Over the six days you will not answer all the questions you identify as a team. But don’t let a search for perfection drive out success. We will work with you to translate the momentum you build within The 6-Day Strategy into ongoing success outside of the programme.

Find Out More

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“I have worked with Stuart Cross for over a decade. Stuart has always helped me to think and act differently, and that is the key to innovation in any leadership role.”

Alex Gourlay, Chief Executive
Boots The Chemists
“Stuart is a scarce resource. He delivers rapid results, but he also gains the trust and commitment of the executives and managers he works with to ensure longer-term success.”

Ian Filby, CEO
DFS Limited
“Stuart brought a new perspective to the team, constructively challenging us to look at the business from different angles and helping to raise our collective ambition for growth. As a result, we now have a much clearer view of our priorities, are far more confident about our ability to transform our sales and profit performance, and are committed to a growth goal that will transform our business. Quite simply, Stuart Cross is the best consultant we have ever worked with!”

Wayne Devine, Managing Director
Masco UK Window Group
“Stuart delivered against my high expectations. Our leadership team unanimously believe that Stuart’s involvement has been instrumental in helping us develop a set of strategies for growth that are ambitious, robust and fully-owned by each divisional executive. I would definitely recommend other leaders looking to develop compelling and robust strategies for their companies or organisations to speak to Stuart.”

Jeremy Ling, CEO
The Bristan Group


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